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Wow, you can have a _complete_ set of digital computing devices for less than 0 USD with @PINE64 stuff.

* PineBook Pro: 199.99
* PineTab+keyboard: 119.98 (pre-order)
* PinePhone: 149.99 (uBPorts ed.)
* PineTime: 24.99 (dev kit)
= Total: 4.95 USD

They're all designed with FOSS in mind and schematics are provided. That's awesome.

Krayon friendica
@PINE64 - why is the ISO # and # always out of stock?! :'( PLEASE let me know when I can give you all my moneyz?!

Krayon friendica

Hubber Hubber

Oh *YEAH* :D


Krayon friendica
Begun the # / # to # migration has ( thanks a bunch # for stopping support of # :( )
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